Distroller Güorld

Client: Distroller
Release Date: TBA
Platform: Browser

Mexican toy manufacturer, Distroller, are working with Dubit to develop a range of plush toys that integrate with an iPad game and online world. The toys are sold through the Distroller stores and boutiques across Mexico, Spain and USA.

We have designed an in-store and game experience for Distoller. Players adopt the physical toy in store where the nurse weighs and checks the health of their plush toy. She then shows the child how to look after their new ‘baby’ in the online world. It’s a magical experience for children!

There are a number of mini-games on the iPad version of Distroller. A few examples include:

  • Dancing – it’s Simon Says with several people in the same room. Players come and go as they please.
  • Skipping – Mass multiplayer game that earns you coins. Up to 3 people can be in the rope at once and a queue as long as you like. You speak to an avatar, ask to join, stand at the back of the queue and jump in when it’s your turn. We alter the speed of the rope so it steadily gets faster for you, but the other two players see their own version (tres clever). When you fall over, you join the back of the queue. If you want to quit, you just walk away.

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