What We Do

Dubit help brands develop, test, and launch kids apps, games, worlds, and toys.

Creating new products for kids is difficult. Kids are fickle, and they’re all different; a six year old girl has little in common with an 11 year old boy. Worse still, the conventional product development process actually reduces likelihood of creating a successful product. We have designed our business to address these challenges head on:

  • Dubit’s research team monitor trends and validate market opportunities.
  • Dubit’s design team have created low cost techniques for involving children in the design of the product.
  • Dubit’s studio use an agile development process and test the product with kids throughout the development.

Our team of designers, developers, researchers and game designers have developed worlds and games for Cartoon Network, BBC, and for the upcoming Dorothy of Oz motion picture. We have our own technology platform that has powered over 20 worlds, and runs in the browser, iOS, and Android devices. Dubit’s research have helped Club Penguin, Mindy Candy’s Moshi Monsters, and Cartoon Networkdesign their games.